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Maintenance FAQ

  • If you smell gas, follow these steps immediately:"
    1) Do not attempt to solve the issue. Call the gas company (Eversource: 877-944-5325) and report the leak. 2) Place a work order or call 203-900-4467 x 3. 3) Leave the building until the gas company addresses the issue.
  • Toilet is clogged
    1) Plunge the toilet to release the clog. This may take a few tries to work. 2) If the toilet is overflowing, shut off the water using the valve at the base of the toilet, mop up any water, and try to plunge the toilet again.
  • Toilet won't stop running
    1) Open the top of the toilet and check if the chain has a kink or is caught. 2) Check if anything is preventing the flapper from going down. 3) Place a work order if the issue persists.
  • Water leak
    1) Place a bucket underneath and turn off the water supply. 2) Feel the water lines for any wetness. They may sweat in the summertime. If you do not have an air-conditioned apartment, this can cause excessive sweating from your toilet and can creat a large puddle of water around it. Feel the bottom and back of the tank to see if it is just sweating for if it's leaking. 3) If there is water all over your bathroom floor, make sure your curtain is on the inside of your tub/shower. If your curtain has two layers (plastic inside, cloth outside), make sure you are placing the plastic side on the inside of your tub/shower. Otherwise, the water will flow down the curtain and all over your floor. 4) If the leak persists, place a work order.
  • Tub or sink clogged
    1) Try using Drano (or another clog removing solution). 2) If the tub drain is clogged, check to make sure the stopper is in the fully “open” position and look for any hair around the drain that can be easily removed. 3) If the issue continues, please place a work order. 4) Many times, we find clogs are caused by things that should not be disposed of into the drain system. This can include but is not limited to: food, baby wipes, diapers, feminine products, paper towel, etc. If we find that this has happened, you will be charged for the plumbing bill. Toilet paper and human waste is the only thing that should be disposed into the drain system.
  • Frozen pipe prevention
    In cold weather it is possible pipes may freeze. If you notice any issue with the water supply to your apartment, please notify us. If the water supply starts to act funny or run slow this may be sign of pipes freezing and there are a couple things to do that may help: 1) Open the cabinets under the sink and remove any items near the pipes to allow warm air to circulate under the sink. 2) Turn on the cold water to the sink to allow water to flow. Flowing water will help keep the pipes from freezing. A small flow of water is enough, the water does not need to be on fully. If on vacation in the winter, set your thermostat to a minimum of 60 degrees to ensure pipes don’t freeze. 3) Please notify us of any issues if you suspect you are having issues with the water supply to your apartment.
  • Power outage/outlet doesn't work
    1) If there is a GFI, press the reset button. 2) Check if ALL breakers are “ON.” 3) Check if the power is out in the hallway or other apartments in the building. If power is out at the whole property, please report the outage to your property’s electric company (Eversource: 800-286-2000 ) or SNEW ( 203-866-3366 ). If the power is only out in your apartment, place a work order.
  • Do I change the lightbulbs in my apartment?
    In most cases, yes. You are responsible to maintain your lightbulbs that can be reached from a step ladder and that can be purchased from any hardware store. If you come across a light that you cannot reach with a step ladder, such as ones on vaulted ceilings or high stairways, you may place a work order.
  • A/C is not working
    1) Make sure the fan mode on the thermostat is set to “AUTO”. Otherwise your furnace fan will constantly blow air and will be drawing hot air into your home when the A/C unit is not running. If temperatures are extreme, your A/C unit may not be able to keep up with what you have it set to. An A/C can only cool about 20°F lower than what the outside air is. (i.e. 95°F outside, your house will only get down to about 75° inside). 2) Check to make sure the filter is clean. 3) If the filter is not clean, make a work order to clean the filter.
  • I need help installing my A/C unit
    Please contact our management office.
  • No hot water
    1) Check the circuit breakers to ensure they are all in the fully on position. 2) If you have an on/off switch for the equipment in your apartment or you have access to the equipment itself please check to ensure the on/off switch is in the on position. The switch is usually at the top of the equipment. The switch can also be in the area near the equipment marked with a red plate.
  • Heat/furnace is not working
    1) Make sure all circuit breakers are in the ON position. 2) Make sure the thermostat is set to HEAT and set fan to AUTO. 3) Make sure the thermostat has power, replace the batteries if necessary. Batteries should be replaced every Fall. 4) Turn the thermostat off for 2-5 mins, then turn it back on. 5) Make sure your gas has not been shut off. 6) Check all outside doors for a tag from your gas company. Also, think of the last time you paid your bill. 7) Check your gas meter as well, check for a tag on the meter and see if the gas valve is turned off on the meter. If your gas has been shut off, we cannot help in this matter. You will need to call your gas provider to work this out. 8) If you have an on/off switch for the heating equipment in your apartment, check to ensure the on/off switch to the heating equipment is in the on position. This switch usually has a red cover to indicate it is for the heating equipment. 9) If this does not work, place a work order.
  • Refrigerator
    See owner's manual: Frigidaire Refrigerator Owner's Manual.pdf
  • Microwave
    See owner's manual: Frigidaire Microwave Owner's Manual.pdf
  • Stove
    See owner's manual: Frigidaire Gas Stove Owner's Manual.pdf Frigidaire Electric Stove Owner's Manual.pdf
  • Dishwasher
    See owner's manual: Frigidaire Standard Dishwasher Owner’s Manual.pdf GE Space-Saver Dishwasher Owner’s Manual.pdf
  • Washer/Dryer
    See owner's manual: GE Stackable Washer/Dryer Owner’s Manual.pdf LG Combination Washer/Dryer Owner’s Manual.pdf Whirlpool Stackable Washer/Dryer Owner’s Manual.pdf
  • I'm missing my garbage bin or blue recycling bin
    Call the Norwalk Department of Public Works at 203-854-3200 to report the missing bin.
  • No parking is available on the property
    Please attempt to find street parking and try again later to see if a visitor has left.
  • Car without parking pass/car parked inappropriately
    As a courtesy to other residents as well as to comply with safety regulations, cars may only be parked in marked parking spaces. Cars may not: -Double park -Park outside of designated parking areas or in front of dumpsters -Take up more than one parking spot -Park in fire lanes, common driveways, or handicap parking spaces without appropriate tags -Have expired license plates -Be with out a license plate -Be inoperable or wrecked Any vehicles in violation may be towed without notice at owners expense. If your vehicle violates one of these regulations, please move it to avoid being towed. If you notice another car violating these regulations, follow the steps below: 1) Take a picture of the license plate, make, and model of the car, and a picture of the windshield without a parking pass. 2) Put in a work order and include the picture of the license plate and picture of the windshield without a parking pass.
  • Guest parking
    Guest parking is on a first come first served basis for any non-reserved spots. Please send us guest vehicle information including make, model, color, and license plate number for any guests staying more than 24 hours.
  • Car incident in parking lot
    The car accident is to be dealt with between you and whomever’s car you hit / whoever hit your car. It is the responsibility of the individual who caused the accident to notify the tenant whose car was hit (we can supply the car information in that case.) In regards to video footage, we will gladly supply said footage to insurance companies or police departments. All requests for video footage need to be submitted directly to us from the organization requesting footage, but we will not supply it directly to a resident.
  • Pest control prevention
    An important part of pest control is ensuring the upkeep and cleanliness of the apartment. A messy apartment can create the conditions in which these types of issue thrive. Pest issues caused by un-cleanliness will likely be charged back to the tenant. A well-kept apartment can go a long way in addressing these types of issues and may even resolve some issues entirely. These steps may include but are not limited to: 1) The immediate cleaning of any food spills. 2) Removing any trash from the apartment on a regular basis. 3) Ensuring all kitchenware is thoroughly cleaned and put away promptly after use.
  • If you think you have a pest problem
    Proper identification is key to addressing any potential issue quickly and effectively. Often the easiest way to quickly identify a pest is to take a picture of the potential pest. Once identification is made, if an issue exists it can be addressed. One way to get a picture is to capture an intact, un-smushed pest. This can be done with either clear tape or a clear plastic bag. Once the pest is on the tape or in the bag, please take the highest resolution picture you can and send it to us in a work order.
  • Will this treatment cost me?
    Beyond extraordinary circumstances, these types of issue are typically covered.
  • How to set up Amazon Echo
  • How to set up wi-fi switches
    How to set up switches How to connect to Amazon Echo
  • How to set up Nest thermostats
    How to set up thermostat How to connect to Amazon Echo
  • Electronic Fob Locks
    Locking/Unlocking Your Lock (Fob): -To Lock & Unlock your door, place your fob in the middle of the field above the lock knob on the exterior of the door. How to Recognize a Dying Battery (Fob/Keypad): -Occasionally the lock requires periodic service. This typically occurs less than once a year. -If the light on the lock is red and blinking, your lock is indicating a critically low battery. -Upon the first notice of a low battery signal from the key pad, please submit a work order to have the lock serviced and the battery replaced. If you do not submit a work order in a timely fashion there is a chance you may become locked out of your apartment should the normal service period be exceeded.
  • The IVE at Wilton Center
    If you are having your cable set up and the technician needs to access the main junction box, it is in the laundry room (basement on the bank side) above the washing machine.
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